Changing Gears – Must read

This book is so important for NZ owner managers, I’m giving away multiple copies! (See end of article for details).

One of the benefits of spending a week in Taupo Bay was having the time to devote to my “must read” pile. While I’d scanned Changing Gears when it was published in late 2009, this time I read it cover to cover.

It’s the seminal text on how to grow your business: practical in nature and strongly NZ in context. I found a pearl of wisdom on every page.  Insights from the book that I have shared with clients over the past two weeks include:

  • Sales – Profit  = Costs: treat profit as a given rather than the hit & miss variable left over at the end of the year.
  • Your business will fail to scale if you remain overly loyal, task focused and isolated.
  • As your firm grows so must its management capability and governance.
  • Take a break – disconnect from the business (and your blackberry!)

I’m an avid follower of David Irving, one of the book’s lead authors.  You may have caught his monthly management columns in Unlimited over the past four years (unfortunately he’s just written his last one).  David often comments on my articles with a couple of recent pieces of wisdom being:

  • Always appoint board members for tomorrow rather than slip into the easier choice of one for today. Today is gone tomorrow!
  • Simplify the concept of governance by asking owners to think about their current business and the big issues. Then ask what competence they need around them to work through those issues.

After reading this book the natural progression for business owners is to invest in the Icehouse Owner Manager Programme.

Changing Gears is available through the Auckland University Press or at Paper Plus, Whitcoulls and Borders or online at Fishpond.  You won’t be disappointed.

Complimentary Copies

I’ve purchased bulk copies of this book.  If you know a NZ business owner who is committed to doubling the size of their company over the next five years then send me through their name and email: I’d be more than happy to post them a complimentary copy of Changing Gears.

**Offer ends 30 March 2013.  Ideal business size between 5 and 50 employees.

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One Response to Changing Gears – Must read

  1. Gabriel Perera says:


    Sounds like a fantastic read. Would love a copy as have had trouble tracking one down in Aussie bookstores.

    Best wishes,


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