Inspiration: straight from the Kiwi’s mouth

Seven world class NZers shared their passions and insights with me earlier today.  Here’s a snapshot of what inspired me and what could help you & your business…

Michael Boustridge – President of BT Global Services, USA

Businesses need to collaborate. Building a product from start to finish yourself will become rare. Visual technology is key – harness video & video conferencing.

Derek Handley – Co-founder and CEO, Hyperfactory, USA

NZ is more ‘inventive’ than ‘innovative’. Innovation requires commercialisation, something we need to become a lot better at.

Sam Morgan – Founder,Trade Me

Trust is one of the biggest competitive advantages we have as NZ business people. It is recognised and valued internationally.

Sarah Robb O’Hagan – President Gatorade North America, USA

Play to win in your business decisions rather than playing not to lose.  Also, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Have the courage to say no.

Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas – director and policy adviser, UK

New skills and experiences gained in the voluntary sector can be invaluable when transitioned in to a commercial environment. Grab each and every opportunity – you don’t want to regret the hesitation.

Dr Karen Wilcox – Assoc Prof of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT, USA

Everyone needs mentors and heroes.


I was also fortunate to attend the Icehouse 10 year Anniversary event  in late March. Here’s what Tim Alpe, founder of Jucy rentals shared:

  • “Follow the kiwi”…he’s had great success with expat kiwis heading up his international expansions
  • “Find the king”… and then help that person/employee to build their kingdom
  • “Hire people slightly too big for the role “…I’m sure you’ve heard this before


Finally I  spent half a day with futurist, David Houle, courtesy of TEC – The Executive Connection. Here are three of my key learnings:

  • If you are a middleman then your days are numbered. Dis-intermediation is only going to get more prolific. To stay viable in the middle you’d better be adding huge value.
  • Change isn’t something that you will need to occasionally ‘go through’. It’s now a constant.  Adaptability and resilience are key  leadership traits needed to navigate this Transformation Decade.
  • Work and place are separating.  The only reason to have an office is to encourage collaboration.  Otherwise….work from home.

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