(N)ice Ideas: video hi-lights

Six hundred attendees. Thirty speakers. Six minute slots. Their task: to share one big idea, challenge or lesson to significantly grow 3000 NZ companies. Here’s my Top 5 videos from the  Ice Ideas Conference held recently in Auckland:

1. Class Act
Derek Handley – The Hyperfactory, a mobile advertising corporation.
You have three options: enable, join or lead the revolution. Well worth watching if you haven’t heard Derek speak before.

2. Most Inspiring
Fady Mishriki – PowerByProxi, a wireless  power technology company.
A compelling presentation around the need for NZ to invest in its youth and immigrants.

3. Best Presenter
Mai Chen –  Chen/Palmer Public Law Specialists and NZ Global Women
A classic example of how to present using impact and humour, to hold an audience’s attention.

4. Most Practical
Mike Carden – Sonar6, performance management specialists.
A useful demonstration of how Sonar 6 reduced their salespeople from six to two and quadrupled sales.

5. The Highlights Reel
For a quick snapshot of the day.

On Reflection
It was a stimulating event with a few practical initiatives already launched via 3000.org.nz.  “Go global, young man” was a common catch cry by all, to all, throughout the day.

My one disappointment was a predominant focus on entrepreneurs and start ups and a lack of  discussion on how our mid sized, privately owned businesses can contribute to the 3000 company goal. Fortunately David Irving referenced these “understated heroes” and  NZ’s “owner manager engine room” heavily during his presentation.

Similarly, there was a strong technology focus during the day, but it needs to be recognised that are far broader range of industries exist in NZ, all with the potential to grow exports and earnings.

IceIdeas left me even more motivated to work with those ambitious business owners  committed to grow their $5m companies in to $20m operations and their $20m businesses in to $100m.

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One Response to (N)ice Ideas: video hi-lights

  1. Paul Leacock says:

    Hi Simon – thanks for sharing this, some great inspiration and ideas!!!

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