Demotivate your employees (or how not to)

Leading  people is one of the toughest parts of running a business.  Especially when change is afoot. How do you keep employees motivated? Or, more importantly, how do you keep your best employees motivated?

Check out this 3 minute video from Jim Collins (of Good to Great fame)…


1. Confront the brutal facts: tell them how it really is.
2. Engage your team in dialogue, debate and disagreement: before the decision has been made.
3. Show tangible results: success breeds success.

Are our politicians adept in these techniques? Opposition parties favour (1) eg aging population and superannuation costs.  Governing parties focus on (3) eg investment in police numbers lowering crime statistics. Occasionally we have incidences of (2) sometimes wrapped in a referendum eg voting systems

I’d love to hear examples of where Jim Collins’ approach has personally worked for you…

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